Dental Warranty

The highest level of peace-of-mind available for protecting the investment you've made in your smile. 

From popcorn kernels to curious dogs, Dental Warranty has your oral appliance or dental restoration covered. Dental Warranty covers your restorations up to the total cost of treatment anywhere, anytime.

Dr. Young offers Dental Warranty for the peace of mind of her patients. Setting her apart from other dentists in San Antonio, Dr. Young and her team understand the curve balls life can throw your way, and Dental Warranty can help you worry about one less thing.

  • Life Proof means you can protect your smile from accidents, dogs chewing up appliances, popcorn kernels, new decay, and whatever else life throws your way.
  • Full Value Coverage means you can receive up to 100% of the original value of the treatment towards the repair or replacement of covered procedures.
  • Follows Your Smile nationwide. If you move or travel, redeem your coverage with any dentist.
  • Constant Assurance during insurance wait periods or if your dentist retires or moves.

Protect your smile with Dental Warranty today.  To learn more, please ask us about this service at your visit or call our dental office in San Antonio at 210-615-8357.



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